General English + Mini Group

General English + Mini Group

Our Mini Group English Plus course is like studying General English in the afternoons, but with a greater focus on you!

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any person who wants to improve their general English skills.

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What is the course about?

General English lessons are designed around a course book and provide the opportunity for students to improve the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as enhancing and increasing their active/working vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Mini-Group English follows a communicative English syllabus with the advantage of studying in a smaller group.

This course is for students who prefer to study for part of their course in a smaller group and are seeking to improve their communicative skills in everyday situations as well as gain a good  understanding of the principles of the English language.

Important Information

You will have General English in the mornings and be part of our Mini Group English course in the afternoons.


  • 1-3 weeks: Consolidate existing grammar knowledge, increase vocabulary, improve communication skills
  • 4 weeks +: Improved communicative competence, improved grammar and vocabulary, increased learner independence and confidence, make significant progress in the level or towards the next level

Why LAL?

  • We choose the best approach for your learning process.
  • We offer different options for you to choose the course that best fits your needs.
  • We work hard to make your lessons entertaining and interactive.


Key Facts

Lessons/hours per week:
30 / 22.5
Lesson length:
45 minutes
Lesson schedule Torbay:
08.30-12.00 & 12.45-14.15
Lesson schedule Cape Town:
09.00-12.30 & 12.45 - 14.15
Class size:
12* + 6
Course length:
Start Date:
All year
Minimum number to run:
* 15 in TOR during High Season ** If fewer than 2: General English + 4 Private Tuition lessons

Lesson Schedule

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